Mark A. Bregman, Estates and Trusts Lawyer


Estate, Trust, Family and Tax Solutions Lawyer

Helping you and your family in times of crisis

Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Settlements are complex topics with many possible resolutions. Families are confronted with basic issues such as how to transition or manage assets after mental incapacity or death to complex issues involving negotiating the continuing evolving tax and asset protection laws and rules.

Estate Planning by Mark Bregman

You want to consider the importance of family values and the abilities and personalities of family members.

Integrating retirement accounts, cash flow and insurance needs, charitable intentions, and your specific family issues are crucial.

Mark has over 30 years of experience working as an estate planning attorney, tax solution lawyer, probate attorney and trust and Wills lawyer, dealing with families and their needs. He is A-V rated by Martindale Hubbell, has been listed in Phoenix magazine as a preeminent lawyer, and has been selected as one of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers. Visit the Law Office of Mark Bregman in Phoenix today.

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